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Is MooGoo Organic?

Jonathan Minns

To Be Organic or Not To Be? That is often the question!

Some of the most common questions we get asked are...

"Is MooGoo certified organic?"
"Are MooGoo ingredients organic?" or
"Why aren't you certified organic?"

It seems virtually everything these days is 'Certified Organic' from apples to hairsprays, but this is a trend we've resisted. 

To gain the Australian Certified Organic label, skin care products must follow standards set by the respective certifying body which ensures that a certain percentage of ingredients have been grown without toxins or other chemical inputs. 

For consumers, such a label creates the notion that the products are higher quality and healthier. 

So why is the organic logo not of interest to MooGoo?

Organic certification can be very useful when it comes to unprocessed food to ensure it is free of pesticides and not genetically modified. However, when it comes to skincare, ingredients are usually refined in order to draw out the pure oils and other cosmetic grade ingredients. Impurities and unwanted components are filtered out which means they become free of pesticides. Cosmetic grade ingredients, whether natural, organic or synthetic, need to be delivered with purity standards. 

We have instead chosen to focus on natural, edible ingredients based on how much they help the skin rather than whether or not they get the tick of approval by organic certifying bodies. Natural is almost always best in our opinion. However, just because an ingredient is natural doesn't mean it is necessarily safe and effective. For those with eczema and other skin problems, some natural ingredients just aren't suitable in our opinion. 

Tea Tree, for example, is an essential oil with wonderful antibacterial properties but it can be extremely sensitising for some when applied to the skin! So it's not something suited to our products which are designed for those with sensitive skin. There may be some synthetic alternatives less irritating that perform the same function. Quite a few essential oils are not safe for pregnant women and of course, many natural ingredients are actually quite toxic if ingested, whether organic or not. At MooGoo, we choose ingredients that are effective, not irritating for most people and are safe when ingested. 

There are many excellent certified organic brands out there and we think it is great that there has been a shift towards the use of chemical-free cosmetics in Australia. For our particular brand which focuses on natural products for babies and adults with skin problems or very sensitive skin, organic certification would not offer any extra improvement over what we already do. For us, it is much more important to focus on the ingredients themselves rather than whether or not the supplier has contributed to an organic labelling scheme.