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The Christer Collection.


Darlington, UK

A range of handcrafted aromatherapy products to transform your wellbeing.


Bath Capsules

The Christer Collection bath capsules are a valuable must have in every bathroom. An infusion of essential oils bursting with aroma packaged in a dissolvable vegetable capsule. No mess or waste. Each capsule designed and hand crafted for maximum benefit.

Our skin is somewhat permeable. The active chemicals in essential oils are absorbed just like the ingredients in common pharmaceuticals such as hormone replacement therapy cream and nicotine patches.

Different factors can affect the absorption of essential oils through the skin. If you massage the area first, it will increase circulation to that area, thereby causing an increase in absorption of essential oils. Heat will likewise increase circulation and thus enhance absorption which is why adding essential oils to a warm bath will increase absorption.

Some researchers report that essential oils may be more readily absorbed from skin locations with greater concentrations of sweat glands and hair follicles, such as the genitals, head, soles, palms, and armpits (Battaglia, 2003).

How to use? 

Place one capsule into your bath whilst running the water, leave to disperse. May also be used as a foot soak when dissolved in an appropriate amount of warm water to immerse your feet.

Gently swirl the water to ensure all products have been
dispersed before getting into your bath.

How many Bath Capsules do I need per bath? 

One capsule per bath is required. Each of the Christer Collection bath capsules have been hand crafted for single use only.

Safety Precautions 

If you are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy, high/low blood pressure or any other specific condition, including skin conditions, please seek medical advice before using any of our products.