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The Christer Collection.


Darlington, UK

A range of handcrafted aromatherapy products to transform your wellbeing.



3D LED Glass design, Cold Mist Aroma Diffuser has 6 colorful LED lights, which can create a beautiful atmosphere, giving you a better visual experience. Creating a wonderfully soothing atmosphere with soft changing colours and a calming stream of mist.

Can also be used as a night light. If you are constantly looking for a boost at the end of your day, essential oils can help relieve stress and increase your peace, calm and energy. 

The Cool Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser has an automatic shut-off function which allows you to have a safe feeling when using the diffuser, because when it detects that it has no more water, it switches off automatically.  


How to use? 

Put the product in a horizontal position, lift the cover of the humidifier, and fill the water tank to the indicator line with water.

Add essential oil into the tank.

Connect the power of the humidifier and cover the outer cover.